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Designing body blockouts directly in 3D

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ABOUT THE COURSE - audio in English -This class has English and Portuguese subtitles.

I'm Leticia Gillett and this is my class on how to design body blockouts directly in 3D.
In this course, we are going to talk about important stuff like body anatomy (differences from male and female), design principles, how to create your own body blockouts and hopefully have tons and tons of fun while doing that!
So, let's break the fear of 3D concepting together! And remember: 'be brave, be kind and dream big!'

Oi, eu sou Leticia Gillett e esta é a meu curso sobre designs de blockout de cabeças diretamente no 3D. Neste curso, vamos falar sobre coisas importantes como a anatomia do corpo (diferenças entre masculino e feminino), princípios de design, como criar seus próprios blockouts de corpo e se divertir bastante enquanto fazemos isso! Vamos perder o medo de criar nossos designs no 3D juntos! E lembre: seja corajoso, seja gentil e sonhe grande!

The videos are structured like this:
Video 00 - Introduction
Video 00 - Head block + mindset
Video 01 - Torso blockout
Video 02 - Torso proportion
Video 03 - Legs blockout
Video 04 - Foot blockout
Video 05 - Legs proportion
Video 06 - Arms blockout
Video 07 - Balancing
Video 08 - Anatomy x Stylized
Video 09 - Design Choices
Video 10 - Have fun!
Video 11 - Joywork
Video 12 - Good books to study
Video 13 - Female body

Beyond the videos, you will also get for FREE, 2 body "blockoche" blockouts (male and female) to help with your studies. FBX FORMAT

Além dos vídeos, você também receberá GRATUITAMENTE, 2 "blockoche" blockouts de corpo (masculino e feminino) para ajudar nos seus estudos. FORMATO FBX

About me
I've worked in the industry for many years now and had the opportunity to be a part of studios such as Blizzard Entertainment, Dreamworks Animation, Netflix Animation and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

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Designing body blockouts directly in 3D

10 ratings
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